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Dark Lace

A couple years ago I did this shoot with Lucy O'Doll wearing awesome stuff put together by Cheri at Wonderland Corsets . The stuff came out awesome, I reprocessed them today, and want them to be on this site, so here they are!

  • Lights and Gels

    I was looking at too many photos from Jake Hicks so I wanted to shoot stuff last year with some colored gels. I really would love to do it again when I can, I think I could get ok at it. =)

    Natalie at the Beach

    Some of the best days of shoot I have had involve this amazing model (and DJ), Natalie, at the beach. I will probably post 4 or 5 blog/galleries called that. lol. This was from early in 2018, using my Godox AD200 flash and a CheetahStand 26" Quick…