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Natalie at the Beach

Some of the best days of shoot I have had involve this amazing model (and DJ), Natalie, at the beach. I will probably post 4 or 5 blog/galleries called that. lol.

This was from early in 2018, using my Godox AD200 flash and a CheetahStand 26" Quick SoupBowl. I've grown to really like this setup. Some of my favorite images have been shot with it.

So, this was mid day, what you would think was non-ideal, but I think if you use it right and light it right, it looks rad. Like this set does! haha. 

  • Dark Lace

    A couple years ago I did this shoot with Lucy O'Doll wearing awesome stuff put together by Cheri at Wonderland Corsets . The stuff came out awesome, I reprocessed them today, and want them to be on this site, so here they are!

    Sunset flowers

    We had a big flower bloom here in Carlsbad this year. Two years ago we had a big one, but last year there wasn't much of anything. This year is was pretty amazing, though. I did two photoshoots out in the fields, and this was the first one. Felina Vie…